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F-TR is an exciting sport that allows a new shooter to get started with very little equipment. It is a 1000 yard competition in which the only restrictions are that you are limited to shooting either .308 or .223 calibres from a bipod with a rifle that weighs 18.18 pounds or less. Most any out of the box .308 will meet these requirements (I have never seen a .223 on the F-TR firing line but you could do it).

Below shooting buddy Rick Landry is shooting a stock Savage in .308 on a Harris bipod with Vortex 6-24 scope.

I am shooting a Remington 700 .308 in a Chesebro Rifles C-1000 stock with an AI five round magazine on a Jennings bipod. This rifle features a 32" Bartlein 1-11 twist barrel and I shoot the 155 gr. TMK bullet at 3100 fps.

If you really want to go all out check out this Barnard model -P- .308 in a Jennings MKIII stock.

For 1000 yard shooting not only do you need a rifle that shoots sub moa groups but you have to be able to read the wind. Just a breeze of five miles per hour will move the bullet 34". The group above with the missing fifth shoot shows I'm not quite there yet.

The targets look quite large up close.

This is the view from the shooting line. The targets are that little light colored streak at the very base of the hills.

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